Our Passion for Innovation

eBOS Technologies has a long history of engaging with international research and technology organisations, industrial leaders, universities and SMEs to drive collaborative technological innovation and bring best-of-breed technologies to our customers and the wider community. 

With an increasingly comprehensive portfolio of ERP solutions, investments in Research and Development are crucial to us. The development of our product portfolio as a specialist software powerhouse has equipped us with core competencies which we deploy in R&D projects. The knowledge and innovation gained are then incorporated into our products and services. 

Research & Development
Our activities not only seek to improve existing systems to keep them competitive but also explore radically new solutions and technological breakthroughs. Our aim is to identify new and emerging technologies and leverage them to deliver cutting-edge, robust and cost-effective engineering solutions.

Our software expertise is complemented by grant writing and proposal management skills that help us demonstrate repeatable success.

Our achievements

Participation in R&D projects
R&D funding raised for all project partners
Partners Worldwide
Certified Innovative SME
Recognised by the Ministry of Finance of Cyprus

Our core areas of expertise

Intelligent dashboards & Advanced Analytics

Big data analytics, Graph analytics, Interactive Knowledge Bases and Digital content, Data Mining, Interactive Business Intelligence, Dashboards reporting and KPI tracking.

Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid architectures

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Management, APIs development, integration and interoperability.

Client / Server application development

Client / Server applications, UX / UI design and development, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive technologies.

Physical security & Cybersecurity

Security for data in-flight or at rest, protocols, Data encryption; Software-Defined Networking, Network Functions Virtualisation; Blockchain solutions and applications, IoT security, Security-by-design.

Quality Assurance, GDPR & Data Management

Quality assurance procedures, Compliance for data controllers and processors, Pseudo-anonymisation and data management procedures, Privacy-by-design and by-default.

Artificial intelligence

Integration with solutions based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive computing, Neural networks, IoT data processing.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

Risk assessment, Risk management procedures and automated checks, Front-end visualisation, KPI dashboards.

Web applications & Digital maps

Web applications, Advanced digital maps and real-time route visibility applications; Location-driven digital maps.

Digital Innovation & Content Marketing

Exploitation strategies and Plans, Website design, Social channels setup and maintenance, Content writing and marketing.

Application domains

We have applied our expertise in the following areas. We are ready to explore more!

Digital security & Cybersecurity, Security of industrial IoT
5G & Advanced wireless technologies
Clean & secure energy, Environment, resource efficiency & raw materials
Transport & Logistics, Freight, Sustainable mobility solutions
Smart buildings & cities, Factories of the Future, Internet of Things
Cultural Heritage, Inclusive, innovative & reflective societies
High Performance Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
Interactive Technologies, Augmented & Virtual Reality
Border & external security,  Fight against crime and terrorism

Our collaborative approach for Horizon Europe

Writing grant and project proposals, Developing new project ideas

Developing business plans, Performing project management activities

Managing risks and data, Ensuring regulatory compliance

Building the optimal consortium, Engaging partners

Elaborating the budget, Verifying a balanced resource allocation

Structuring and planning R&D projects, Defining work and time plans

Our affiliations