WiseBOS Enterprise Resource Planning

The modern business environment dictates the need for new digital business levels. Leap at new opportunities, create more value, reduce opex and surpass the competition with eBOS solutions!

WiseBOS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a state-of-the-art comprehensive software suite specifically designed to effectively adapt to the ever-changing business needs of companies of all sizes, unleashing the real potential of fully integrated and business-aligned solutions.

Specifically designed to evolve with our clients, WiseBOS ERP Suite manages corporate administration, risk analysis, compliance, tax reporting, process standardization and automation, payroll, invoicing, billing, time management, and much more.

WiseBOS ERP solutions, namely the RiSC, ScreeningAML, CL, CM, I&B, TM, PM modules, can work either independently as stand-alone solutions or as an integrated Suite for increased productivity and enriched cost-effective functionality.

What solution works best for you?

Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

An Intuitive and Modular Solution for Effective and Efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

WiseBOS GRC is an out-of-the box suite of applications that blend flexibility across the organization for effective and efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. It is a powerful and comprehensive software tool with innovative features and functionality.

Risk intelligence, Scoring & Compliance

RiSK-Based Compliance Made Easy

WiseBOS ERP’s Suite, ‘RiSC - Risk intelligence, Scoring & Compliance’ is an advanced comprehensive next-generation solution that provides more efficient and more effective risk-based compliance capability to financial and non-financial institutions, such as audit, fiduciary, legal, investment and insurance firms, assisting them to minimize exposure to financial fraud and terrorism financial activities, maintain and fulfill regulatory compliance, especially for Anti-money Laundering purposes, determining the risk level and mitigating the risks associated with the onboarding and monitoring of their customers. It provides a wide view of customers’ relationships, rates their risks based on a dynamic rules-based engine, monitors activities, detects, investigates and documents suspicious cases through a comprehensive friendly user interface and produces meaningful regulatory reports.


Screen customers against the world's largest risk-relevant database

WiseBOS Screening is one of the most comprehensive customer screening solutions in the market. It is integrated with the world’s largest risk-relevant database, provided by our partner, RDC. Its database is equivalent to database of Lexis Nexis (World Compliance) or Thomson Reuters (World Check). The Module delivers a sophisticated screening solution capable of screening customers against Politically Exposed People (PEP) lists, Sanctions lists, Adverse / Negative Media reports, etc. It dramatically improves productivity and nearly eliminates false positives. The Module also provides coverage for 240 countries and processes data from more than 200 000 sources in several languages.