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 Case Management is one of the most sophisticated legal software designed to manage, simplify, streamline and coordinate the work of lawyers and staff within small, mid-size and large Law Firms.

The system is simple and easy to use allowing the user to quickly record full details, actions and costs of a case as well as contracts, testaments and custom consulting services that were provided.




Cases Contracts Built-in Charges and Expenses

Create a case with your own Office Reference Number. Select the court that the case will be performed and automatically our system will generate the Court Type, Case Type depending on your initial selection eliminating the...

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Easily create and edit legal documents like customer contracts by storing information such as the lawyer who handled a particular client, the date of contract and type of contract. Attach the actual contract into the system...

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Over 500 types of Predfined Charges and Expenses are built-in into the system making the Billing and Invoicing process for the services rendered quicker and more accurate. No need for your Billing Department to search for the...

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