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Over the past years the content on your website has become critical. Search Engines are changing by the day in order to deliver to their users as valuable results as possible by locating the website with the more related, up-to date and relative content. In order to achieve that you need the assistance of a Content Management System that will allow you to keep your content fresh and up-to date and at the same time will enable your team to add, manage and modify custom content in seconds.

 WiseBOS Content Management System is completely browser based and empowers you to create and maintain easily your website and build a strong online presence. It's the ultimate solution for your website, store and community and the tool to deliver a huge return on your website investment. It manages all the workflow needs, while allowing website content management and customization without any previous IT knowledge.




Word -Like WYSIWYG editor eCommerce Versioning/Roll-Back support

Familiar built-in WYSIWYG editor with Microsoft Word formatting features including bullet points, tables...

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Quickly process your online orders directly from your CMS system without the need to spend additional...

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Ability to keep various versions of your content and flexibility to roll-back content to previous versions...

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