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Time Management
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In today’s businesses time can become an important factor when your business has to manage a large number of clients. Most of the times due to lack of proper scheduling and planning you lose track of time and deliverables, and when it comes to billing your actual time spent you realize that you have exceeded your time estimated and agreed with a customer. Loss of your time means loss of profits for your business.


With  Time Management module you can get the correct information to the right people for quick approval and reporting and identify where and how employees spend their time each day. The system will assist you to take the maximum advantage of your employee’s precious time and organize it in a way that it serves your clients on-time and effective.






Timesheet Management Expense Tracking Absence Management

Give the ability to your employees to submit their timesheets quickly concerning the time spent on each customer. Instantly you your billing efforts become less complicated...

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Easily create your Expense Sheet, insert the expenses incurred during an execution of a job concerning a customer and submit to management for approval...

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Keep track of employee vacation requests, statutory holidays and other time-off requests like sick-leaves, so you never forget about an upcoming employee...

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