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Why choose WiseBOS

WiseBOS Suite was designed to give you the ability to package your solution based on your needs. At the same time you gain the benefit of extending the functionality of your product easily and seamlessly by integrating the other modules that are offered through the suite family.

With WiseBOS you make your choice now with the solution you want but at the same time you make an investment for your future needs.

Below you can find how WiseBOS addresses and eliminates each and every problem that most of the businesses face today by offering an integrated solution for most of your business functions:

  why choose wisebos

The maintenance and license costs of WiseBOS products are flexible for every product. We offer two different licensing options for you to choose the one that fits your budget.

All WiseBOS products are integrated allowing you to have a  single, centralized source for storing information. No more hustle on maintaining more than one system.


Consistent User Interface across all product lines for quick familiarization of the user and increase user adoption rate.


All tables, fields that are related between the various modules are all updated without the need of double data entry.

Training costs are decreased significally since those can be combined for all the systems.

Increase your staff productivity by providing your users the ability to integrate their business application with tools that they are familiar with like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.
All our products are developed using the latest of Microsoft .NET, Technologies providing the most advanced development tools for continuously apply innovation and stability into our products

We are continuously developing enhancement of our products to offer you the highest quality. All updates are included for Free in your maintenance fee after purchase

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